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Report on work with a specific type of organization

Example: Create a report on your work with Rural Health Clinics Select Reports from the top navigation and choose a date range (Step 1 Start): Select the "Rural Health Clinics" from the list of Organizational types (Step 3 Filter Orgs): Select the outputs you would like to include in your report (Step 4 Select Output): Go to Step 5 See Results to view your organization's work with Rural Health Clinics:   Use this report feature to evaluate the ways your office engages with Read more [...]

View a List of the Communities Served by Your Organization

You can now view a list of communities reached by your organization. Select Reports from the top navigation and choose a date range (Step 1 Start): Add any filters you would like on the report, if applicable (Step 2 Filter Items): Select the "Communities Served" list (Step 4 Select Output): Click on Step 5 See Results to see a list of all communities served. The list includes communities where activities occurred, as well as communities of the organizations attached to activity records: Read more [...]

View Changes Made to a Record in the History Tab

The history tab will be added to all TruServe sites on October 1st, 2015. It will detail changes made to a record by any user on the site. Changes made to a record before October 1st will not be visible. Red = old or deleted data Green = new or added data Activity Record Example: Template Record Example: Organization Record Example: The history tab will also appear in group of orgs & people records, impact records, committee records and report template records.   Read more [...]

Report on Activities According to Type of Organization/Client

You can create a report in TruServe that will show your work related to a specific type of organization/client. 1) Click on Reports from the top navigation and select a date range: 2) Click on Step 3 Filter Orgs, select Organization types and click on the type you want to report on: 3) Click on Step 4 Select Output to select the charts/tables you would like to see in your report: 4) Click on Step 5 See Results for a breakdown of activities that involved that organization type. Read more [...]

Create a Report Template

Create a report template to run a report again in the future. Your original report settings will be saved. You can quickly the report at any time and ensure that you are running the same report consistently. To create a report template: 1) Once you've created your original report,  select "Create Report Template from these Settings" from the upper right-hand side of the results screen: 2) Give the template a title, description and designate access for the template. Click on Save: 3) Read more [...]

Create groups of organizations for streamlined data entry and reporting

Create groups for the organizations you work with frequently to streamline data entry, when adding an activity. You can also create reports based on the organizational groups created. To create a group of organizations: 1) Go the the Orgs drop-down menu and select Groups of Orgs & People: 2) Click on Add New Group: 3) Give the group a name and description. Click Create: 4) Add organizations to the group by clicking on the members tab and selecting organizations from the drop-down:   When Read more [...]

TruServe PIMS Report Example

  Here is an example of how to pull data for PIMS by creating a report in TruServe: Select Reports from the top navigation and start by choosing the date range for the reporting period.   Under Step 2 Filter Items, select Activity Type and filter by Technical Assistance.   Then select Programs & Goals and filter by SORH.   The filters you select will depend on how your office has entered TA encounters into TruServe. Adjust your filters accordingly Read more [...]

How to Report on Organizations/Clients Receiving Assistance

To get the total number of clients (unduplicated) within your state that received technical assistance: 1) Select the date range under Step 1 of the reporting section: 2) Filter for activity records that involve technical assistance under Step 2.  You may have technical assistance as a general activity type, or tagged as a specific goal of a program: 3) Select "Organization Types" and "Organization List" as outputs under Step 4: 4) Under Step 5 "See Results", view the total Read more [...]