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TruServe PIMS Report Example

Here is an example of how to pull data for PIMS by creating a report in TruServe.

Select Reports from the top navigation and start by choosing the date range for the reporting period.
PIMs date range

Under Step 2 Filter Items, select Activity Type and filter by Technical Assistance.
PIMs filter TA

Then select Programs & Goals and filter by SORH.
PIMs filter

The filters you select will depend on how your office has entered TA encounters into TruServe. Adjust your filters accordingly for your report. Here is another example of how a state might filter for SORH TA encounters, again depending on how the data has been entered.

Under Step 4 Select Output, select activity type, modes, organization types, and organization list.
pims outputs

Click on Step 5 See Results. This will give you the total number of technical assistance encounters
activities by type

You will then see activities by mode.
activities by mode

The "organization types" chart will give you the number of unduplicated clients by type.
organization types

The "organization list" will provide you with a breakdown of organizations within each type (and give you the number of activities connected to each organization for that date range).
organization list